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Microsoft Azure : Creating Your Own BizTalk SandBox Virtual Machine..

Update 12/2016: With release of BizTalk 2016 the Azure interface has changed. The image for BizTalk 2013 R2 is only available in Azure Classic portal, for the latest Azure portal you will get BizTalk 2016, having said that rest of the process stays pretty much the same.


Like the name says this post will aquatint you on how you can have your own VM hosting BizTalk server which can be used for your own development efforts. Sounds cool, I know it is 🙂

The starting point will be the following link.

Follow the prompts and you shall be able to get something like below eventually : your own VM with BizTalk preconfigured and ready to be used.

Original - Copy

If you chose BizTalk Server Enterprise or Standard, then You must provision another VM of SQL Server to use with those BizTalk VM’s.

Only the MSDN Developer editions of BizTalk VM’s include the full stack, including SQL Server and Visual Studio.

It might take about 10 to 15 minutes and once it completed you can download the rdp file which will use the windows remote desktop connection and launch your own BizTalk box.


After creating the BizTalk box you may get the RDC issue while trying to access your VM : Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons.

You may face this problem if you are in your work LAN network. Configure different public port for the RDP Endpoint. Setting it to 443 (the HTTPS Standard port) or 22 (Standard SSH port) will solve the issue


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